It is amazing what these three will do for a couple of suckers and a spoonful of peanut butter.
Love them so so much.


a green thumb

Just a quick little update on Porter's first garden:
He has successfully grown more vegetables in one summer than I have in my entire life. 
So yeah.
He's good.

life lately



keller's first cut

Keller got his first big salon haircut on July 15th. Three whole inches! Of course now it doesn't look like we even cut one centimeter, but I promise we did. His hair grows like crazy, but I'm secretly thrilled that it doesn't look like we cut any off. Best ten bucks I ever spent. :)

going to miss this

The popsicles.
The swimming pools.
The long evening walks.
Porter collecting locust shells.
Keller crushing locust shells.
The boys picking tomatoes every night.
And even the hot summer sun.
I will miss it all.

But I will not miss the summer electric bill.
So you can come whenever you want Fall.
I'm ready for ya.
And Sherman is too.